10 Cheapest Electric Cars You Can Buy? Should You Really Get One?

1. Hyundai Kona $37,000 Pros and cons Pros 1. Affordable. 2. Has a spacious cabin. 3. Good range from its board batteries. 4. User-friendly technology. 5. Potent turbo four. 6. Quick-shifting automatic transmission. 7. Lithe handling with a well-balanced ride. Cons 1. Transmission stumbles when driving at low speeds. 2. Numb steering. 3. Turbo Lag […]

10 Things to Look for When Choosing an Electric Car

how to choose ev

Shopping for a new car can be stressful let alone confusing. Making up your mind on the car type fit for your needs and budget is a whole process and not as fun as it sounds. The downside of choosing the wrong car might turn out more costly in regards to maintenance costs and repairs. […]

Economical Benefits of Electrical Cars

The economic impact of electric cars

Cheaper to run Depending on the distance you cover, the cost of gas, electricity for charging, maintenance, government and utility incentives, and value for your time, you’ll be saving more money with an electric car than with gasoline car. Electric motors can provide high power to weight ratios, batteries can be designed to supply the […]

Hyundai Ioniq Electric Pricing features and our Reviews – All Years

Hyundai aims at building 22 ‘green’ cars on sale by 2020. The car models include 12 hybrids, 6 plug-in hybrids, 2 fuel cell cars and 2 pure electric cars. The manufacturers aim to build a simple Ioniq that is simpler than its main competitors Toyota Prius, Chevy Volt and Nissan Leaf. Hyundai is trying to […]

Advantages and disadvantages of electric cars

People are receptive of the electric cars more than ever. Surprisingly, the EV concept date way back to the ’60s and it’s until now that it is gaining popularity. The automotive industry has come a long way. Some companies have dived into the electric world and produced pure electric cars, while others are still testing […]

Why The Electric Car is The Next Big Thing

Since the introduction of electric vehicles, the automobile world has not been the same. It has been a debate between the electrical and the mechanical or chemical engineers. Transition to electric cars is gaining momentum and people are receiving the change well. Initially, it took over two decades to sell the first million electric vehicles, […]