Ford Focus Electric Pricing Fetaures And Our Reviews

The advancement of technology in this century is incomparable, it’s influence can be seen in every sector of the economy. From agriculture, to business, to medicine, to our social lives, daily living and even in the invention of cars and vehicles. Cars are used these days to decide the social status of someone. After all, […]

Top 5 Electric sports cars available in the Market

Electric sports cars available in the Market Electric sports cars have started taking the car market by storm recently, and that’s not surprising at all when you consider all their stunning perks. Energy efficient, good speed, excellent design, and quality parts are part of what contributes to the craze with which consumers are going about […]

How to choose the best electric car for your purpose and budget

Which electric car is right for me? Irrespective of your reason for considering the purchase of an electric car, whether to support the noble mission of reducing the world’s global warming or you are just in love with electric vehicles elegant design, we have compiled a guide to help you choose the best electric car […]

Environmental Benefits of Electric Vehicles

Environmental Benefits of Electric Cars You must have heard of electric cars before, but you might not really know about it. Well, electric vehicles are exactly how they sound, they are cars that run on electricity, either wholly or partially. Unlike a traditional car, their engine is not powered by gasoline or diesel but work […]