Audi e-tron SUV

Audi has opted to use the name ‘e-Tron’ for its new battery electric vehicle range. The first EV is the e-Tron Quattro. The e-Tron midsize SUV is expected to deliver approximately 400hp and 400km/ 280 miles of range. This is made possible by the 95kwh battery pack. The EV will generally be priced above jaguar’s I-pace but less than the Tesla Model X.

Configurations of the vehicle will be different in the US market (compared with the European market). In the US, the following trims are available (in production 2nd quarter 2019):

• Premium Plus ($74800)
• Prestige ($81800)
• Edition One (Limited edition -$86700)


It is estimated that Audi is targeting to hit 248 miles/ 400km spec range. That is very impressive. The trim in the front and rear motors are combined to produce 355hp and 487lb- ft in general driving. Audi says the e-Tron will produce 0-60mph in at least 5.5 seconds en route to an electronically limited top speed of 124 mph.
The e-Tron is using the latest SAE J1772 DC fast chargers, which can charge up to 80% in just 30 minutes at a rate of 150kwh. It is possible to charge the car overnight, as it is installed with a 9.6kw charger when using a 240-volt 40-amp level 2 charger.

The e-Tron has two electric motors providing all-wheel drive, along with five different suspension modes. The vehicle has a powerful tow rating of 4,000 lbs (equivalent) to any top-tier SUV.
A range is rated at 249 miles (400 km) – under the WLTP regime. EPA range is likely to be less than this e-Tron Interior.

Exterior design

Audi has retained its ice-like façade in the exterior design. The elegant eye-catching and electrifying car possesses a strong yet sleek SUV design. The designers sought to telegraph its electric little cues like the horizontal elements in the daytime. It has running lights and tail lamp designs that resemble the battery charge status icons.

Black inserts on the door trim the battery location as the center of power in much the same way that the hood bulges. The bulges are used to accentuate its powerful combustion engines. Audi says the e-Tron will be the first to production with the slim sleek cameras seen above in place of side mirrors. Unfortunately, they are not yet approved in the US.


The car offers exclusivity, class, and comfort. Audi has a reputation of having outstanding attention to details. The elegant interior design has ample room and centric technologies that are designed to elevate the driving experience.

The e-Tron is fitted with a pair of advanced feedback touch screens that is 10.1-inch upper one handling the entertainment, phone, navigation, and special e-Tron screens for handling the climate and comfort functions. With a touch of class, it’s insulated with a master sound proof system, dual pane windows, and a silent motor to enable a sublime ride, all through.

The interior transcends the everyday driving with a luxurious interior that includes:

• A high-quality leather upholstery
• Remote climate control
• Standard Ventilated front seats with optional massage features
• An optional air ionizer package feature

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