BMW i4 2021

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Make: BMW
Year(s): 2021

Cost per mile of range: $191 per mile

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Horsepower: 530 hp
Torque: lb/ft
Seats: 5
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Drive Train = RWD
Rear Wheel Drive or RWD means that the power of the car is driven from the rear of the car, or the rear motor/axle. The most common type of drive trains out there. Most suited for everyday driving, however, if you need to go off-road or live in areas with snow/gravel roads, look to the AWD, or all-wheel drive instead.

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BMW i4 2021 Overview

What Separates BMW i4 2021

The BMW i3 range has been known to be centered around affordable hatchbacks so the introduction of a more diverse and more premium of a segment BMW i4 centering around sedans and sports car esque SUV sedans is an exciting news.

Being in a sense an updated 2021 edition of the original i3s and as an definitely a top-of-the-line flagship in the new range by BMW, the i4 2021 edition has a lot to offer being a better SUV in some other aspects including the performance and power.

Still it is good enough in its metrics to come pretty close to some other EVs and CUVs in the class. Pretty much on the similar to mid-tier cars in the range on power, acceleration, speed and the premiumness of the interior – this variant is a budget option both in terms of cost but more importantly performance marks and the level of looks and comfort.

Talking specific metrics, the comparison between the BMW i4 differences with other variants in the range come down to acceleration, the electric range, charging time and additional minor ones looking pretty major nevertheless. Pretty quick as a sports variant option is supposed to be at 3.8 secs to 6o miles and with a very much elite real EPA certified electric range of 372 miles. This range is probably the most huge reason for people to be excited as it is now making it an industry level top-tier EV ready to roll out and drive fast and far.

On its charging capabilities this range boastsa lot. Along with a battery pack that measures about 80.0-kWh, the i4 will have a 150-kilowatt charging capacity can provide up to 80-percent of the car’s driving range in just 35 minutes.


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About The i4
In 2021, we are looking at seeing the i4 electric sedan, as confirmed by BMW. The plan is for the i4 to be based on the iVision Dynamics concept car. Claims from BMW suggest that the range will be about 550-750 kilometers (or 340-435 miles). This is likely the NEDC range. That suggests that the real range of the vehicle will be about 285-365 miles. The i4 will follow the launch of the iNEXT and the iX3. It will use BMW’s fifth-generation eDrive system which features a new self-contained electric transaxle that combines the electric motor, the fixed-ratio transmission, and the power electronics into a single component. On a purely physical level, it is about half the size and about 40 percent lighter than the outgoing electric powertrain. It plans on using lithium-ion battery cells while riding on a new common rear-wheel architecture that BMW is currently in the process of developing. The BMW i4 has a top speed of 125 miles per hour and a 0 to 62 miles per hour of 4.0 seconds. It won’t be using a carbon-fiber structure, unlike the current i3 and i8. If the Vision Dynamics is something we can base this car on, expect radical styling befitting the I sub-brand. Specifications: Base price: $147,500 Dest. Charge: 995 Tax Credit: $5,669 Battery Size (kWh): 11.6 EPA EV Range (mi):  17 Total Range (mi): 320 Top Speed (mph): 155 Peak Power EV (kW): 105 Peak Power ICE (hp): 228 0-6- mph (sec): 4.2 Weight (lbs): 3,501
About BMW
One of the oldest car makers in the world, BMW has been producing any type of ranges from sedans to coupes to hatchbacks to big SUVs for over a 100 years. Yet when it comes to the all-electric EV market this is pretty much what makes the BMW i3 range so famous is the fact that it was one of the first ranges finally comparable in its quality, power and comfort and also the pricing to the Tesla Model S or Model X later on, as it was also definitely one of the first one to be launched against the Tesla range.
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Frequently asked questions (FAQs) about the BMW i4 2021

The 0-60 time of this car is 3.8 seconds.
Yes it is available for sale now.

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