Smart EQ forfour

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Make: Smart
Year(s): 2014, 2020

Cost per mile of range: $307 per mile

(Base price divided by total range)

Horsepower: 80 hp
Torque: 112.4 lb/ft
Seats: 4
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Smart EQ forfour Overview

What Separates Smart EQ forfour

Being a very established brand with its own set of aesthetics and identity, it was no wonder this range is all about average specs yet a lower than average price as it also targets a very specific set of customers in the city.

Being the smaller type of a supermini it is definitely the entry level option n the range simply due to much desiring metrics compared to other variants. A solid entry option thanks to its mediocre specs and metrics across the board simply due to the size class makes Smart EQ forfour 2020 edition look very basic compared to some other EVs.

Still obviously to see how exactly good it is compared to other EVs on the market and other variants of cheaper tiers, it is crucial to see specific metrics. Based on that the comparison between the Smart EQ forfour 2020 edition differences with other upcoming variants in the range just as well as other EVs come down to acceleration, the electric range, charging time and additional minor ones looking pretty major nevertheless. Based on a direct comparison to the othe variants in the range as well as other EVs, pretty slow when compared to other EVs and range variants at 12.3 seconds getting from 0 to 6o miles – staying ways below the standard on the market by some good measure yet it has a cost disadvantage over it. Unfortunately it stays above to what some other EV SUVs deliver it is in the neighbourhood of very low and entry level 58 miles. This range makes it look very much so limited and basic and restrains it to work home commute with barely any other traveling which is not good even for its size class.

Mentioning its charging capabilities this range does deliver a fairly quick result. It is capable of going from 0 to 100 in approximately 7 to 14 hours depending on the connection type.





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About The EQ forfour
The Smart EQ Range The immediate and seemingly everlasting success of the 2012 launch of Tesla Model S made it look like the personal use EV market created by the brand will always be ruled by them and not meet any serious competition from old established brands whatsoever. This was, of course, incorrect, as naturally as one of the more established companies on the market Smart was sure to start its own line and became one of the few brands truly trying to compete with the Smart EQ range. This way, as opposed to how many big established brands also from Germany like Audi and BMW that decided to branch out its EV production and its ranges to include different car types from CUV hatchbacks to SUVs and sports cars, the Smart EQ range will be centering around the same class making their range all about a typical supermini smallest size EV. As its performance is all-around average compared to other EV ranges though based on the size this classifies it as a strong entry to mid level option for sure even considering the price. No doubt targeting both the newcomers to the EV market based on the car class and also the budget and small looks fans for city dwellers, the Smart EQ range is meant to be more of a personal use or a small family car more than anything. Still it was the range that inserted and is keeping Smart in the EV conversation. Apart from that when surely being in the game of comp`eting with the market leader Tesla, it is crucial to compare the Smart EQ range to that brand both in terms of specs and looks. So comparing how technically and technologically, not even mentioning comfort wise did this range get to Tesla it might be not a very close call as it lacks behind Model Y it somewhat resembles. With its FWD with 1 to 2 motors depending on the specific variant of the range it is definitely most comparable to Tesla Model Y or Tesla Model 3 as a similar class-performance option. No way we are skipping the looks as well - we can say that just like Tesla yet with a more minimalistic design approach, Smart EQ has gone the more of a minimalistic route and made its range look more simplified and simple. Its range has both a somewhat minimalistic futuristic body form as a sedan and a very minimalistic yet stylish interior finsh with some premium options. We all know about the fact that the looks and design are very important for any car range for sure, the specs and performance are truly everything. Based on just judging the Smart EQ range on the merit of it specs and metrics, let's take a look at specs. Depending on the specific variant in the range it starting electric range and acceleration vary, as it starts o to 60 at very much so slow to very slow even for its size class 12.5 seconds which is pretty basic and works as an entry level spec for those who do not care about the speed too much. Kind of average in terms of max speed or acceleration or other show-off features, it is unfortunately not surpising or gaining in range to improve the impression. This tranlsates to when the journey has already begun, it will deliver you as far as the official EPA rated range of up to 58 mi without a single recharge. This range makes it look very much so limited and basic and restrains it to work home commute with barely any other traveling which is not good even for its size class. Easily categotized as somewhar lower priced than a few other similar sized EVs, which might make buyers or people new to the EV world ignore a lack of some things other similar ranges in or close to its size class or other offer at a higher cost. Be sure to check out its multiple top features such as:
  • High-resolution dashboard
  • Multiple options for cabin interior
  • Available cargo volume
  • Smart Driver-assistance features
that all combined together make for a very satifsfying feeling when inside it on the road.
About Smart
Being a supermini class leader Smart was sure to insert itself into the small size dominated EV market. As the EV all-electric market gravitating much more towards the smaller size vehicles, the hatchbacks met a serious competition from even smaller mini to supermini cars by MG. Lacking in some specs it is more of  a style choice as their EQ fourfour and fourtwo ranges perfectly showcase.
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Frequently asked questions (FAQs) about the Smart EQ forfour

The 0-60 time of this car is 12.5 seconds.
Yes it is available for sale now.

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