Jeep Wrangler


Finally, Jeep has decided to join the trend in making Electric vehicles. The new Jeep will include a plug-in option in 2020. The automakers did clarify that the Jeep will only be a plug-in hybrid, rather than fully electric. For those who enjoy the outdoor activities and saving the environment, Jeep is here to satisfy your need.

It will take some time to get used to watching the EV Jeep climb up the rocky terrain. You can hear the tires press against the rock, and the occasional bits of gravel knock loose. But other than that, it’s completely silent. No sound at all, except for the silent mummers of an electric motor running, and the creaking of the suspension and frame.

The impressive jeep doesn’t just rock-climb, it fjords, goes upstairs, and ascends giant hills made up of loose dirt, all with the appropriate range of 4×4 gearing, just like a gas-powered Wrangler would. It’s strange that it does all that smoothly.

Jeep has not given out many features about the wrangler plugin but we can safely refer to Fiat Chrysler Autos (FCA) line up. The engine couples with a plug-in hybrid powertrain in the Pacifica Hybrid hence it’s more likely to appear in the jeep as well.

FCA will very likely release much more information on the Jeep Wrangler plug-in closer to its launch in 2020. In all, Fiat-Chrysler plans to have 30 electrified vehicle models by 2022, with this Jeep Wrangler PHEV being one of them. The environmental bonuses are nice and all, but for serious off-roaders, the immediate torque and chance of higher outputs to the wheel at low speeds should be exciting.

The plug-in hybrid is set to be okay for 33 miles of electric driving on a full charge from a 16kwh lithium-ion battery pack that will include a thermal management and a very dense power to weigh about 100kwh. The battery is paired with a 3.6liter v6 and returned 32 miles per gallon. This setup lets the jeep move up to 75mph (120 km/h) on electric drive alone and gives it a range of about 33miles (53km) per charge.