Lucid Air Sedan

Lucid Air is the new era of luxury mobility. It will be the very first car out of the Lucid motors company stables. The car will be released in 2019. The luxury sedan is said to be a rival of Tesla’s highly successful model S. the car’s dimensions look large from certain angles but it actually is a small sedan. The exterior looks like a spacecraft on the road. It’s so surreal to look at it when the sun shines.

Estimated Range

Air, of course, will be a quiet car due to its electric nature. For the top end model, with all-wheel drive, dual electric motors of 298kw and an insane 1000 horsepower. The car will be able to accelerate from 0-60mph of as little as 2.5 seconds. Air is said to speed up to 378km/h (235mph) and it's not yet the final stretch yet.
Lucid’s proven world-class battery technology and highly efficient power electronics will enable the driving range to be a maximum of 644km (400miles). Say goodbye to range anxiety. You can now confidently drive to wherever you want to go.

The automakers claim that the car will be built with unique lithium-ion battery chemistry will exceed current benchmarks in battery life, density, energy, and power. This will include the fast chargers. Lucid Air will either have a 100kwh battery capable of about 315miles of range or an optional 130kwh battery that could offer 400 miles of range on full charge.


Lucid proprietary technology is forging a new performance standard. The lucid air is purely electric drivetrain delivers an unparallel experience for the driver and passengers alike. The car is meticulously sculpted to maximize interior space. It’s built with an openly sweeping glass canopy. The ultra cabin provides an unrivaled sensory experience.

Air’s powertrain technology unleashes a breathtaking performance with world-class range and efficiency. Developed entirely in-house, this integrated system delivers the ultimate EV driving experience.

The car is a true marvel of proportion and form. Freed from the spatial requirements of an internal combustion engine, it, therefore, achieves an expansive full-size interior with a mid-size exterior. It gives a sublime feeling and comfort in a new luxury car.

The standard rear seating provides superb comfort for up to three adults with world-class legroom. Inspired by an executive jet the rear sitting offers an exceptionally spacious area that can recline to 55 degrees, affording moments to relax and stretch out.

The automakers have made sure every moment spent inside the car is personal. An onboard assistant tracks usage patterns and preferences integrating seamlessly with your digital life. Everything is tuned to your liking from:

• Voice commands
• Queuing your favorite songs
• Setting perfect temperatures
• Prioritizing distraction-free driving

Lucid claims to build an autonomous ready car with assistive technology to help you get things done. Over the Air software upgrades will allow the lucid air to transition through progressive levels of autonomy.
Precision And Poise

Hitting top speeds or curving sharp corners, the Lucid Air perfectly calibrated Air springs; advanced damper technology and low center gravity deliver precision handling and a smooth ride.