Mazda Unnamed EV

Mazda Unnamed EV

Mazda announced its first step into the electrification and connectivity world. The company said that they felt a need to deliver a car that would provide the driver and passenger a serene experience while riding in the car. The Mazda’s long vision was to cars that are eco-friendly and emission-free cars to preserve nature’s beauty. The manufacturers’ main agenda is to generate solutions to social issues pursuit the joy of delivering cars that the buyers appreciate and to stay relevant.

As they are looking to grow, they are conscious of their numbers and profitability in the US market. It is part of their priorities along with expanding into innovative car products.

Mazda is targeting to produce all-electric vehicles by 2030. The internal combustion engines combined with electric motors to produce at least 5 percent of battery electric packages. The car will have 2 battery electric packages, one will be powered solely by battery and another pair of battery with a newly developed range extended to make it possible to have multiple elect solution.

The company’s main focus is to make people’s lives better interaction between the car and the passengers. The link connectivity used will be an extension of the already present possibilities, reflecting results in future product development.

The new trends hopefully will bring connectivity, autonomy, sharing, and electrification to a whole new level, creating an opportunity to better possibilities with the new innovative cars. Mazda and Toyota have joined hands in developing budget friendly Electric Vehicle. Combining their resources they have a good chance to make an impact into this already crowded market.

Mazda has an impressive sales record over the years (over 1.6 million cars) in North America. The company has been doing well and producing great car products. Even though the market has been sluggish, the company has a great future ahead in the auto world.