Mercedes-Benz EQ S Sedan

Mercedes-Benz EQ S Sedan

Mercedes EQ is an upcoming series of battery Electric Vehicles manufactured by Mercedes. All of the Mercedes Electric vehicle design and production efforts will target the EQ family. The brand targets to produce ten EQ models by 2022. All the EV’s is based specifically for electric drivetrains. Mercedes EQC is the first member of the EQ model. The EQC is a concept sports utility vehicle.

The new EQ product stands for intelligent electric mobility. It's an attractive design, exceptional driving fun; high levels of sustainability for everyday use and maximum safety are further attributes. At the same time, EQ offers a comprehensive electromotive eco-system of products, services, technologies, and innovations. The concept ranges from electric vehicles and wall box to charging services and home storage units.

With two electric motors on the front and rear axles, and a battery in the vehicle floor, the car embodies a powerful vehicle concept. The EQ concept has a total output of up to 300kw and a maximum torque of up to 700hp. The car accelerates to 0-100km/h in under 5.5secs. In combination with the intelligent operating strategy, the Mercedes has a range of up to 500km. the high-efficiency lithium –ion battery has a model specific total capacity of over 70kwh.

Thanks to the latest generational charging technology, the vehicle is ready for both home charging and fast charging. The EQ’s energy storage units of the future could form an ideal symbiosis with the cordless charging systems via wall box or induction. With the introduction of fast charging by combined charging system CCS, the charging time is greatly reduced.

Currently, charging capacities from 50kw up to 150kw is possible. In the long run, the company is targeting to increase the capacity up to 300kw. This would enable 100km power range to be charged within 5 minutes. The new concept car is set to fulfill all the requirements expected from modern sustainable mobility.

The concept EQ takes on a look of a sporty SUV coupe. The dynamic exterior design with new electro aesthetics consists of the flowing transition from the sexy glossy black hood, through the windshield to the dark tinted panoramic roof giving it a contrast to the Alubeam silver paint. The silhouette is characterized by concealed windscreen wiper, cameras replacing the side mirrors, almost imperceptible body joints and absent door handles.

The four-seater is focused on giving a simple driver cockpit, touch controls with new advanced look consisting of reflecting the exterior system. A floating wide-screen with a systematic design of the instrument display tailored to the driver’s panel.

The interior is characterized by dispensing traditional switches and knobs, except for the electric seat adjustments. The steering wheel has two of three narrow spokes with touch controls that indicate menu, symbols and icons. The 24 inch (53* 11cm), TFT high definition widescreen display represents all the relevant information such as maps, speed, range or driving data.

The infotainment consists of reduced volume, top-notch upholstery layout make for a visual lightness and an impression of floating in space.

Mercedes EQ B Model

Mercedes-Benz EQB Crossover

In the previous years or we have seen a resurgence from the Mercedes-Benz brand. Amid the shuffling of brand and model line nomenclature, the most interesting development comes in the form of the Mercedes-Benz EQ all-electric lineup. The EQ models consist of hatchbacks, sedans, and crossovers showcasing a younger, differentiated design language and packing the latest in electric vehicle (EV) technology.

The EQ sub-brand is a classic case of an established car maker now trying to reassert itself in the face of what is probably the biggest disruption ever seen in the car industry worldwide. The shift to electric power is happening faster than expected and the technology itself is taking massive strides very quickly. So it isn't surprising that this EQ brand from Mercedes-Benz is setting itself up to jump right in at the thick end of the electric car market and have all its bases covered.

At this point, very little is known about the upcoming EQB. But its test mule has been spotted several times in Spain. It is rumored that design wise. The company is doing rounds in test mule form but in makeshift A class hatchback bodies. The EQB will be close to the edgy GLB, though featuring the new EQ grille and rear as seen at the EQC. The EQB’s actual body is expected to be that of a compact crossover.

The only Compact EV confirmed by Mercedes is the EQA electric hatchback due to be released in 2019. The concept for the EQA was rolled out at the 2017 Frankfurt auto show. The first Mercedes from Daimler’s EQ sub-brand for electric hatch may not happen due to crossovers being more favorable in the US. The brand may, however, end up producing EQB to satisfy buyers looking to buy a compact from Mercedes.

It is expected that EQB will be equipped with:

• 150kwh standard dual electric motors (200kw and 250kw will be available later)
• 650kg battery pack between the axles
• Minimum of 400km (250miles of range)
• 60kwh standard battery packs(up to 110kwh in top versions)


Mercedes-Benz EQA Hatchback

The concept of EQA is a beauty that promises high performance and is the first of the full electric EQ range. Its body type is a hatchback with only two doors, which is similar to a Mercedes A-class. The concept vehicle is estimated to be released in 2020.

The EQA vehicle features a powerful electric drive system with two electric motors; Featuring one electric motor at the front axle and one at the rear. Permanent all-wheel drive ensures a high driving dynamics. The features make the car more efficient and flexible. The two drive programs offer a choice of individual drive characteristics. In combination with the intelligent Mercedes operating strategy, the concept EQA achieves a range of 400km/ 250miles (NEDC).

The initial details include convenient charging system. The concept car can be charged through induction, wall box or the normal sockets and is also ready for rapid charging. At a rapid charging station, the vehicle can be charged enough in less than 10 minutes to cover a range of 100km. the vision is to put up public charging stations whereby the clients can easily charge and pay for the services at different charging stations. Scalable batteries are fitted enabling the system output to increase up to over 200kw. This would increase the vehicles range considerably.

The exterior of the hatchback is purely designed with a clean modern character with attractive contours giving it a supreme sporty design. The attention to details accurately emphasizes the surface to a degree of exclusivity. The concept Mercedes EQA has the potential to usher in a new design Era.

The manufacturers incorporated a black panel with the integrated LED matrix at the front, flowing beautifully from the bonnet. The black panel is a virtual radiator grille which changes in appearances completely. The vehicle is customized to show the surrounding world according to the driver program the driver has selected. This is possible through the animated design in the virtual grille, unlike the conventional radiator grille.

Mercedes Benz has opted for innovative lights technology. The concept is fitted with spiral-shaped light signet underlining the electric concept. The lights are designed to evoke the copper windings of an electric motor. The animation design helps to visualize all electrical impulses. The new technology ensures homogenous lighting on the road. Also, the lighting at the side of the car is designed to welcome the driver before he enters the car.

Summary Of the EQA Features

Estimated Range:

• 180 miles/ 290km when fully charged
• Scalable batteries increasing output from 60kwh up to 200kwh horsepower
• The range is expected to be 400km/ 250miles

Year of release (Estimated):

• 2020 (no specifications on the month)


• Acceleration is approximately 5 seconds in 0-60km/h
• Horsepower 200kwh


• Charging via induction, wall box or normal sockets.
• Comes with a ready rapid charge that will be available in public stations.
• Rapid charging takes less than 10 minutes to charge to produce a range of 100km.
• Self-service charging stations. Easy for the customers to use.


• Hatchback body type model
• Front wheel and rear wheel drive terrain


Mercedes-Benz EQ C SUV

The Mercedes-Benz EQC 400 4Matic was originally released as a concept car and is now a luxury SUV that will be one of ten in the EQ range. It has a similar shape to the Mercedes-Benz GLC. Norway now has open reservations for the EQ.


Mercedes-Benz B250e

Mercedes-Benz B250e Pros & Cons

Parent company Daimler AG plans to focus on a new range of EVs after discontinuing the slow-selling B-Class Mercedes Benz B250e. the 2017 model was the last version that will be produced.