Environmental Benefits of Electric Vehicles

Environmental Benefits of Electric Cars

You must have heard of electric cars before, but you might not really know about it. Well, electric vehicles are exactly how they sound, they are cars that run on electricity, either wholly or partially. Unlike a traditional car, their engine is not powered by gasoline or diesel but work on the concept of using batteries or hydrogen gases into electricity. The vehicles that fall into this category are quite amazing since you don’t need to keep going to the fuel station to refuel, the environmental benefits of electric cars are so great you might want to consider getting one.

With the growth of innovation and technology, there have been several warning by climate agents and environment centers about the hazard been effected on the ozone layer. There have been drastic consequences over the years with some region witnessing floods, acidic rain, and exposure to UV rays from the sun. One of the major causes of these problems was diagnosed to be greenhouse gases and in that category is CO2 - one of the gases released by the exhaust of cars. This is why engineers started working hard to make sure that they develop vehicles that don’t work with fuel and so there would be no need for combustion that could cause the gas to be released. All this concept is what birthed the electric car, and today it is already spreading across several countries and gaining more acceptance daily. Electric cars and the environment are so compatible that they draw several benefits from each other.

Environmental benefits

Electric cars or EV as they are shortly called, has so many benefits for us and the environment as a whole, electric cars environmental impact include;

Curbs global warming

Studies have shown that a quarter of the emission rate in the UK actually comes from the transport industry. This is quite alarming since the threat of global warming is real. Global warming is the extreme weather condition that can cause severe weather conditions, species extinction, and even famine. The concept will cause climate change that isn't going to be beneficial to anybody. And that’s one thing electric cars can curb. With the EVs running on solely electric power, there is very low tailpipe emission (this usually occurs Plug-In hybrids (PHEV) that combines electric motor and diesel engine), well-to-wheel emissions, and there is much more improvement in the efficiency with which it runs.

Added to the fact that EVs are eco-friendlier and they reduce the emission of such gases like CO2 by 50%. With new innovations and refined processes, the UK has recorded a cut by two-thirds in the amount of greenhouse gas emission. And the majority of this was made possible when drivers switch from traditional petrol vehicle to electric cars.

Improvement in air quality around you

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