Škoda Vision E

Škoda Vision E

The Skoda Vision E concept car is the first purely Electric vehicle in Skoda’s history. The sleek car is designed as a five-door SUV coupe which also meets the level 3 requirements for autonomous driving. The car is almost the exact size as the current Skoda Octavia. However, thanks to the electric drive, Vision E can offer a wider wheelbase that is completely flat on the floor without any central funnel. In addition to the excessive space, the car has two trunks, one at the back and the other at the front.

The front and rear wheel driving is suitably adjusted to ensure the highest degree of stability, dynamism and safely at all times. The electrification of Skoda's model range will begin as early as 2019 with the launch of a plug-in hybrid SUPERB. Skoda's first purely electric production model will be released shortly afterward in 2020. The Vision E ushers in a new step for Skoda, which will offer five all-electric models across the various segments by 2025.

Engine and Performance

The Vision E boasts 225kw of all electric power, using lithium-ion batteries pack. The engine provides instant acceleration to a top speed of 180kph (112mph) and uses two electric motors which drive all four wheels. The car is said that it will be able to travel up to 500km (310 miles) purely on electric power.


The Skoda Vision E has great road presence of 4,645mm long, 1550mm tall, and 1917mm wide. Thanks to the long wheelbase of 2850mm, as well as the short overhangs at the front and rear, the designers have created an extremely spacious interior. The most striking body features include counter-opening doors and the absence of a B-pillar.


Inside the car, it is fitted with a bright interior, four rotatable seats, and a missing central tunnel. The seats are slightly elevated and can rotate up to 20degrees. When the doors are open, the seats swing outwards, making it easier to get in or out. When the doors close, the seats return to their original position. The front seats can be reclined and the steering wheel is raised to provide maximum space utilization and comfort.
Every passenger seat has its own touch monitor that can control a range of comfort and entertainment features or display the car data. In addition, a compartment with a phone box for inductive charging of smartphones is integrated into all doors. The passengers can serve an interface that conveniently controls their phones on the touchscreen.

At the front, passengers will find large displays with top-notch graphics and the infotainment systems can be controlled by gestures or voice. Driver alerts and eye-tracking systems can detect dangerous levels of fatigue while driving and send warning signs to the driver. The heart rate monitor can automatically stop the car when health problems occur.

Skoda Vision E meets all level of requirements for autonomous driving, which means;

• Going into autopilot on motorways
• Carrying out overtaking maneuvers
• Operate independently in traffic jams
• Independently search for free parking spaces
• Pack and leave parking spaces empty.

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